About Mikrochor

Mikrochor, established in 1954 by Čestmír Stašek, is one the oldest still performing choirs in the Czech Republic. Its original main purpose was to allow the grown-up kids from the Prague Children‘s Choir to sing on after they had turned their 18th birthday. Being fed with youngsters throughout the decades, the choir has always stayed young. In 2002 Čestmír Stašek decided to pass his choirmaster’s baton onto one of the grown-up kids from his children’s choir. The new choirmaster, Lukáš Prchal, was 21yo then, had just started his education as a conductor at Prague Jazz Conservatory, and he keenly took over.

The new era has started with programmes encompassing works of larger scales, cooperations with an orchestra, a rock band and often also bringing brand new music to life. Nowadays, Mikrochor mainly focuses on contemporary a cappella choral music. There are times when the good old Händel or Dvořák is happily welcome on the playlist, but mostly it contains names of some incredible contemporary choral composers such as Lesja Dychko (UA), Bernat Vivancos (ES), Vytautas Miškinis (LT), Eriks Ešenvalds (LV), Eric Bosio (IT), not leaving out American composers such as Erik Whitacre and Morten Lauridsen, to name a few. Works by earlier 20th century composers are also very popular: Frank Martin (CH), Bohuslav Martinů (CZ), Leoš Janáček (CZ), Francis Poulenc (FR), Zoltán Kodály (HU) and others.

Mikrochor has also realized projects encompassing a larger setting and/or special setup. For the 2011 „Stravinsky Project“ a world premiere of a composition for a narrator, chorus and orchestra „Luminous world“ was commissioned by Mikrochor from Petr Wajsar (*1978), nowadays much renown and sought after Czech composer.

In 2017 Mikrochor performed “The Christmas Story” by German composer Hugo Distler (1908-1942). This beautiful and generally unknown a cappella oratorio was accompanied with original screened illustrations by Barbora Králová, Mikrochor’s soprano singer.

In 2018 Mikrochor presented another world premiere - „Danse Macabre aka The God hasn’t died yet“ for two narrators, solo violin and chorus with lyrics by a glorified Czech poet Karel Šiktanc (*1928) and music by Michal Vejskal (*1987).

Lately, the 2019 pop-rock project „Rhythmic Choir“ was a big success. Each singer sang on a microphone, the choir being accompanied by a beatboxer and a vocal bassist. The concert included many popular songs in a cappella arrangements originally performed by artists as Michael Jackson, Jamiroquai, The Queen, The Beatles, Tori Amos or those known from the 2011 motion picture „Moulin Rouge“.

Mikrochor has approximately 25 members, most of which are in their 30s.