About Mikrochor

History of Mikrochor

Mikrochor was established in 1954 – in time when interest in choir singing and interpretation of the valuable artistic music was in decay. The very first performance of the choir took place on 28th March 1954 in a hall of City library in Prague, the choir was presented like Prague Mixed Choir of Youth. The first individual concert of Mikrochor was realized on 4th May 1954 in the Mirror Hall of Klementinum in Prague.

Since this time Mikrochor has organized a lot of performances and concerts in Czech Republic and also abroad (f.e. concert in Dresden in 1966, concert tour to Italy in 1992), recording in radio and produced several CDs. A lot of Czech top artists are former members of Mikrochor – f.e. solists of National Theatre Pavla Aunická, Vladimír Doležal, Martin Šrejma, violinist and conductor Petr Škvor, pianist Laura Vlková and others.

Actual activities of the choir

Recently Mikrochor arranged a lot of concerts and performances not only in Czech Republic. The most important are:

  • participation in concert “20 flights” arranged on occasion of 20th anniversary of group Už jsme doma, Archa theatre, October 2005 Articles: www.rock-jazz.cz, www.novinky.cz, www.ceskenoviny.cz, Indies Records, www.ucps.cz. Photoes: foto - K. Šuster, www.freemusic.cz
  • participation in recording of CD „Ženění” with group Pod černý vrch (vocals), published in June 2005
  • passion play “Zastavení” by V.Bulíček and M.Podéšťová, St. Wenceslas church and Jabok Chapel in Prague, March 2005
  • concert “Bach in D” (J.S.Bach: Magnificat D-Major and 1. cantata from Christmas oratorio) hall of B.Martinů of Music Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, interschool project of Conservatoire of Jaroslav Ježek and Music faculty, December 2004
  • jazz-rock project Gospel – opening of festival Boskovice 2004, June 2004
  • several concerts in Frankfurt am Main, April 2004
  • individual concert in Chapel of Czechoslovak Baptist Church in Prague, selection from works of A.Dvořák, B.Martinů and J.Brahms, December 2003
  • concert with Austrian choir Kriemhilds Wagenroth in Wien, June 2003
  • participation in concert “PDS for the last time?!” in Dvořák’s hall of Rudolfinum in Prague, June 2003
  • individual concert – A.Dvořák: Mass D-Major “Lužanská” with orchestra and solists, concert hall Atrium and Chapel of Evangelical Church of Czech Brethren in Prague, December 2002